The Lewisburg Photography Club consists of about 50 individuals from Lewisburg, PA and the surrounding towns who are interested in the practice and art of photography.

Our club

  • has monthly meetings with speakers
  • holds photo challenges, critiques, competitions, photo walks, trips, and discussions on various aspects of photography
  • presents workshops for the club and for Lewisburg and surrounding communities
  • runs the Annual Photography Exhibit held during the Lewisburg Celebration of the Arts

Photographer’s Clinic

Before each meeting from 6:30 pm – 7 pm, we have  a “Photographer’s Clinic” where Lewisburg Photography Club members can bring their camera, ask questions, and receive answers for FREE!

Dan Hyde was already doing this in an informal way at the beginning of each meeting.  We decided to formalize the activity, give it a name, and tell people about it.  Though aimed at the lesser skilled, any member can ask questions of the Clinic’s “Expert(s).”

We reserve a table in the back of room for the Clinic and have it staffed with one or two “Experts.”   We encourage members who wish to attend the Clinic to discuss photography issues among themselves.  Who knows?  Perhaps, you can answer a question!

What’s a Photo Quest?

At many of our meetings we have a theme-based Photo Quest where members are challenged to take photographs that illustrates the theme.

To encourage members to practice shooting and to grow in their photography skills, we challenge members each month to use their imagination and photography skills to capture images that portray their interpretation of the month’s assigned theme. Those members who wish to participate should submit up to three JPEG images. These images will be viewed at the next meeting. This is not a competition, but a chance for members to show the group their creativity and interpretation of the theme. It will be an opportunity for the rest of us to view the theme in new ways. We encourage members at all skill levels to participate in this low stress but fun way to learn the art of photography. We will not use the images submitted to a Photo Quest in any other way than to display them at the meeting.  Some past themes have been “Green” (See image to right), “Spring,” “Shadows,” “Reflections,” “Black & White,” and “The Holidays.”

If you wish to participate, you should submit up to three images by email to Dan Hyde by 7 pm the Tuesday two days before the meeting.

A GREEN theme image submitted by Louise McCormick

Shot at Verna's Fabrics, Mifflinburg, PA

Critique Forum

Have you ever wished you could find a person to provide a review of your work to help you improve your photography technique? At some of our meetings we have a  Critique Forum where you may submit several of your photos to be critiqued by other club members.

Here are the details.  Members have the opportunity to submit up to five JPEG images to be critiqued by the group. Dan will select at least one image per person from the pool of submitted images. At the meeting the photographer will have the opportunity to tell a brief story about each selected image, including what they were trying to accomplish when they took the picture. The group will point out positive aspects of each image as well as ways the photo could be improved and possibly how the photographer could improve their technique. The purpose of the Critique Forum is for us to learn from each other!

Penny’s image submitted to a Critique Forum

Photo Club member Penny Patterson submitted the colored image of the alley seen on the right to a Critique Forum.  During our meeting, members suggested that she crop the image to better focus the subject and also to try the image in B&W.  Later she shared with the group the second image (B&W) where she incorporated a few of the suggestions that were made by the group.  She feels the B&W image is much better and she learned a lot from the experience.

Everyone should read the following two articles:

After the Critique Forum, Penny’s revised her image to incorporate the feedback she received