Holiday Lights in Downtown Lewisburg

December 3, 2020

Haven’t yet had a chance to check out downtown Lewisburg after dark?

We hope these photos of the lights in Hufnagle Park, taken by Dan Hyde, Chair of the Lewisburg Photography Club, will inspire you to do so!

To activate all the lights, stand in the center of the gazebo and wave … or twirl … or dance!

If you dare to look straight up, be careful you don’t get too dizzy!

Garlands and gaily-lit presents decorate the inside of the gazebo’s roof:

Who wouldn’t want to find a present like this under their tree?

The dazzling display doesn’t end in Hufnagle Park. Take time to enjoy the lit-up lampposts lining Market Street, too!

Later in December, weather permitting, the Club plans to have one or more Photo Walks, where small groups of 3-6 members will stroll the streets to take photos of Christmas and other holiday lights. To learn more, please contact Lewisburg Photography Club Chair, Daniel Hyde.

If you have a passion for photography and live in Lewisburg or a nearby town, consider joining the Lewisburg Photography Club, a subgroup of the Lewisburg Arts Council. To learn more about the Club and their activities, please visit their website. And be sure to check out on their Flickr page some of the gorgeous photos taken by Club members!

Posted by Dan Hyde

Dan is the Chair of the Lewisburg Photography Club.

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