Lewisburg Photography Club

Join the Lewisburg Photography Club

Do you have a passion for photography? Do you live in Lewisburg, PA area or one of the surrounding towns? Consider joining the Lewisburg Photography Club, a subgroup of the Lewisburg Arts Council.

In December, 2016, the Lewisburg Arts Council formed the Lewisburg Photography Club for photographers, both amateur and professional, living in the Lewisburg area and surrounding towns.  The club’s mission is the following:

  • to bring together photographers in the Lewisburg area;
  • to form a vibrant photography community that shares ideas, collaborates on projects, and mentors each other on different aspects of photography;
  • to promote and excite an interest in the art of photography;
  • to support and encourage photographers of all skill levels in an open learning environment.

Education, hands-on learning opportunities, competitions, new experiences, field trips, and friendship among peers with similar interests and passions are just some of the benefits of joining the Photography Club. Have you ever wished you could find a person to talk to about photography or to get a review of your work to help you improve your technique? If your answer is yes — the Photography Club could be the perfect answer for you.The Photography Club has monthly meetings with speakers, holds critiques, photo walks, photo challenges, trips, and discussions on various aspects of photography. The club conducts workshops for the club as well as for Lewisburg and surrounding communities.

To join the Photography Club, one needs to be a Lewisburg Arts Council (LAC) member.  Interested individuals who are not members may join the LAC for as little as $20 a year by going to lewisburgartscouncil.com/#groups  or by filling out a LAC membership brochure.  For more information about the Photography Club, email hyde@bucknell.edu.

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