Monthly Meetings

The Lewisburg Photography Club meetings are held on the fourth Thursday of each month from 7-9 p.m. At present, meetings are held at the Central PA Chamber of Commerce building in Montandon (directions below).

Directions to Central PA Chamber of Commerce Building
The Central PA Chamber of Commerce has a Milton address--30 Lawton Ln, Milton--but the building is actually in Montandon near the PA State Police Barracks and CSIU.
       Driving from Lewisburg, take Route 45 east across the Lewisburg Bridge to Montandon. At the only blinking stop light in Montandon (Sunoco Gas Station on corner), take a left onto Housels Run Road.  Drive on Housels Run Road north for about a half mile and turn right on to Lawton Lane.   As you turn, you will be able to see the Central PA Chamber of Commerce building on the right.  Park in the parking lot and enter through the front door.  We are meeting in the front room (Ross or Board Room).

Past Meetings

Past Photo Club meetings – Topics and Speaker’s notes.

Next Meeting

The next Lewisburg Photography Club meeting is at 7 pm Thursday July 22nd at our new venue–the Central PA Chamber of Commerce building in Montandon (directions below).  We will be meeting in the Ross room. If you wish to arrive early to socialize with others, I will be opening the door at 6:30 pm.
Show and Tell
During the 16-month hiatus due to the pandemic, we have acquired a bunch of new members who have not had the opportunity to attend an in-person meeting and meet people.  We decided to have a Show and Tell session where members–new and old– introduce themselves and talk about a place that they have found (locally or not) where they enjoy shooting photos.  In your 3-4 minute introduction make sure to state your name, which town you are from, the type of photography you do, and anything else you want us to know.
For the place you found, you may wish to bring prints from the place to pass around. Or you may submit several images to Dan at to display on the large flat screen TV.  Submit any images by 7 pm on Wednesday July 21. Make sure to state they are for the Show and Tell.
After the Show and Tell, we will have a short break for snacks.  Then Dan will bring our group back together for the Photo Quest.
Photo Quest
The theme for this month’s Photo Quest is “Bird’s Eye View.”   Many photographers almost always shoot at eye level.  This quest is to expand your photography horizons and shoot straight down.  You could shoot your bare feet on a sandy beach.  Or climb a ladder and shoot down.  Or shoot from a balcony or upper story window.  Be creative!
For those wishing to participate, submit up to three jpeg images to Dan at by 7 pm Tuesday July 20th.
At the meeting, the photographer will have the opportunity to talk for a minute or two about each of their images and the audience will have a chance to ask information-based questions, e.g., “Which lens did you use?”