February 2020 Photo Club Meeting

February 27, 2020 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Public Library of Union County
255 Reitz Blvd
PA 17837
Dan Hyde

At the next meeting we will start at the Public Library for Union County to view and analyze the Members-only Show. The show has 101 pieces of artwork of which 40 are photographs by 17 of our own Photo Club members.

For the first half hour, we will focus on viewing and analyzing the photographs in the show. To aid you in analyzing each photo, Terri and Dan have created a handout “Guidelines for Analyzing Photos” (Available at the meeting). Since you may need more than a half hour to analyze 40 photos, you may wish to view and analyze some of the photos before our meeting. We encourage you to view and analyze the photos in small groups of two or three. The group interactions can be very educational.

At 7:30 pm, Terri and Dan will present the two awards 1.) “Best Photo in the Show” and 2.) “Best Photo in the Show from a person who has never entered a photo show before.”

After viewing and analyzing the Members-Only Show at the Library, we pile in our cars at 7:45 pm and drive down the road to The Village Common (usual place) on Buffalo Valley Lutheran Village campus to continue our meeting. From 7:50 pm to 8 pm we will have snacks and conversation in The Village Common room.

At 8 pm at The Village Common room, Bob Haefner will demo his mat cutter and chat about DIY matting and framing. Last month Dan talked about using pre-cut mats and factory-made frames for presenting your photos. But what if you have a photo such as a panorama that you can’t find a pre-cut mat to fit? You cut your own mat to the size you want. The key is having the right equipment.

After Bob’s presentation, we will view the photos submitted for the Photo Quest. For this month’s Photo Quest, we are looking for “Taking the Leap” in honor of 2020 being a Leap Year and February having an extra day. If you wish to participate in the Photo Quest, please submit one or two jpeg “Taking the Leap” photos by 5 pm Tuesday February 25, 2020.

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