Archive of Dorotha Langes’s Photos

August 14, 2020


“Migrant Mother, Nipomo, California, 1936”
Famous photograph of Depression by Dorotha Lange


Over 600 of Dorothea Lange’s photographs are now available online. Her photos of the Depression, the forced encampment of the American Citizens of Japanese descent in 1942, and others of her famous shots.   See


       Well worthwhile browsing!


Dorothea Lange, digitized: Hundreds of rare photographs taken by American photographer Dorothea Lange, whose exploration of the hardships of American life during the Great Depression earned her international renown, are now on display in an Oakland Museum of California virtual exhibit. As SFist reports, the “Dorothea Lange Digital Archive” is the first digital curation of Lange’s work and comprises more than 600 photographs from Lange’s personal archives, which she gifted to the museum after her death in 1965. The collection also includes seldom seen photographs from her early and personal work.

Posted by Dan Hyde

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