What’s a Macro photo?

Several members have asked “What’s a macro photo?”  It is a closeup shot of something small, e.g., an insect such as the bee above, parts of flowers, stamps, coins, and paper clips.


    Technically, a macro shot is one where the object’s image on the camera’s sensor or negative is larger than the object.


     I like to relax the definition to the following: A macro shot is one where the object’s image when printed 4 by 6 inches is larger than the object.  This way the photographer does not need to know how big the camera’s sensor or negative is. This also allows more photos to be macros in line with what most photographers consider macro shots.


     This month’s Photo Quest is a follow up of last month’s excellent talk on Macro Photography.  Here are links to Wayne Palmer’s talk:

PDF version of Wayne’s slides, six per page, of his presentation  Macro Photography-6 – Great for printing.

PDF version of Wayne’s slides of his presentation Macro Photography – Great for viewing on screen.



Posted by Dan Hyde

Dan is the Chair of the Lewisburg Photography Club.