Photography Tricks Advertisers Use to Make Food Look Delicious

December 6, 2018

Watch this 3-minute video on nine photography tricks advertisers use to make food look delicious.

Don’t try these photography tricks at home or the kids and your spouse will revolt!  🙂

Have a safe and happy holiday season!    Dan

Posted by Dan Hyde

Dan is the Chair of the Lewisburg Photography Club.

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You are giving away all my best tips and tricks!! LOL!

Seriously though, because of a crack down on the FTC Truth in Advertising rules, most of these techniques, (i.e. motor oil for pancake syrup) aren’t used as much as they had been in the past. Even most of the big commercial accounts (McDonald’s Burger King etc) insist on using the actual product for menu boards and advertising. The difference is that the hamburger you see on TV took 1/2 a day to assemble by a professional food stylist and a team of 5 or 6 people and the burger you get in the store is slapped together in 30 secs by a 17 year old.

Here’s a really good video on how long it takes to make and style that beautiful burger.

P.S. cotton balls do the same job as wet tampons and they are much cheaper!! 😉