Did you see the sundog this evening?

October 16, 2018, Lewisburg, PA

Did you see the sundog this evening?  I was on my walk around 5:15 pm and I saw a sundog or mock Sun in the west and ran for my camera.

I took the images with my Canon 80D digital camera and Canon 18-200mm zoom lens. I also used a circular polarizer filter screwed on the front of the lens.  The polarizer brings out the rainbow colors.  The first image was shot with the lens at 50 mm.  In the later images, I zoomed into the swirling clouds at 70, 90, or 200 mm!

“A sundog is a concentrated patch of sunlight occasionally seen about 22° to the left or right of the Sun. Sundogs often form in pairs on either side of the Sun when sunlight refracts through icy clouds containing hexagonal platecrystals aligned with their large, flat faces parallel to the ground. Technically known as parhelia (singular parhelion) they are often white but sometimes quite colorful, looking like detached pieces of rainbow, with red on the inside, toward the Sun, and blue on the outside.”

Sundogs typically means snow is on the way!

Keep your camera handy!


Posted by Dan Hyde

Dan is the Chair of the Lewisburg Photography Club.