View Perseid Meteor Shower on night of August 12, 2018

Photographers,                                                  August 7, 2018

     The Perseid Meteor Shower is coming, and it’s the biggest shower of the year, hitting its peak on the night of August 12-13, 2018.  On or around the peak night, the Perseids can produce 80-100 meteors per hour or more under ideal conditions… meaning a dark, clear sky.  You will need to find a viewing spot with little light pollution where you can view the northern sky.  

 Viewing the Perseid meteor shower couldn’t be easier. Simply go outside after sunset and look a little to the right of dead north (use the compass app on your phone if you’re not sure where north is). Perseus will be a bit low on the horizon at first, but as the night progresses it will march higher in the sky. You can also use the “W”-shaped Cassiopeia as a guide. Find the constellation and look down and to the left and you’ll see Perseus. On the 12th, in PA, as we hit sunset, the earth will be rotating directly into the path so the rates will steadily increase through the night and peak between 10:00 p.m. and 12:00 a.m.

And the hard part, we will need a clear night!  Cross your fingers!

To photograph the meteor shower, place your camera on a study tripod. Use a wide angle lens.  Use manual focus and pre-focus on a distance light.  Set your camera on Manual and set your exposure time to 15-30 seconds.  Adjust the aperture after you do a few test shots.

Take a lawn chair.  And don’t forget your bug spray!

Dan Hyde

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Dan is the Chair of the Lewisburg Photography Club.