Request for video footage of Arts Festival!

April 25, 2018

Wow! Motivation for you to shoot some video footage!  Perfect timing for tomorrow’s workshop “Shooting Digital Video.”

Homework assignment for Thursday April 26 Workshop: Your homework is to grab your camera and shoot some footage of the Lewisburg Arts Festival on Saturday.  Actually, video footage of any arts event during the Lewisburg Celebration of the Arts would be desirable.  If you attend a musical event, shoot some video.  Watch some dancers, shoot some video.  On Saturday, climb on the rooftop or hang out a window to shoot the Street Show.  Be creative!  Use your cell phone if it shoots video.

Send all your raw video footage to me.  Try to take interesting and usable footage but don’t worry about the video being high quality!  This is for your practice and not to produce a high quality final product.   The exercise is a learning experience!

I will invite those who might be interested in learning about the editing process to get together and we will edit a rough cut of the video footage.

The plan is to ship Jessica Ross a copy of the rough cut.  We have checked with her and she says we have plenty of time to submit the rough cut.

See you all tomorrow at 7 pm!


Lewisburg Arts Council’s members received the following email message a while ago:

We are reaching out for assistance in gathering footage of Arts in your [PA] county. This footage will be used to help construct a video for the 2018 Governor’s Awards for the Arts, which is being held this year [October] in Scranton, Pennsylvania. This Governor’s Award Video project is meant to show the importance of the Arts to the cultural fabric of the State of Pennsylvania, and will focus on the concept that the Arts are alive and well in Pennsylvania, including all of its 67 counties. 

Our video will feature the following categories:

Physical Art Spaces – galleries, museums, studios, theaters
Community Art events – festivals, parades, concerts
Art Programs – any programs for teaching, promoting, or supporting the arts. 

(Therefore any and all footage from your county that fits into any of these categories would be appreciated! Please keep in mind, if you don’t have footage for each of the three categories that is completely fine, not all  counties will be featured in every category, but we would like every county to be included in the video overall!)

We have already received footage from several counties, but there are still a number of counties that have not yet provided us footage, images, or any information on where to obtain such things. This footage does not need to be edited, have music, be professionally filmed, or be more than several seconds long, as we will be editing the footage to suit the needs of the finalized video. (For example, if your county has an Art Festival each summer, are there any short clips of footage of that festival? If your county has a local theater, are there any videos available of performances happening there?)

Our ultimate goal is to be able to show that the Arts are alive and flourishing in our great state, and we need help from each and every county to do so. If you have any information on where this type of footage or photos can be obtained for your county, we would greatly appreciate it! 

Thank you very much for your time, we look forward to hearing from you soon. 

Jessica Ross
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Posted by Dan Hyde

Dan is the Chair of the Lewisburg Photography Club.